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    Unblocking Drains since 1954
    Providing the highest quality drain cleaning equipment
    Exporting to over 20 different countries
    Offers the best tools at the most affordable prices
    SA's leading supplier of drain & sewer cleaning equipment
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    think SABRICON
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    Plumbing Tools for Professionals
    Anyone can be a professional plumber with Sabricon
    Offering training to customers, store staff and sales reps
    Maintaining strong support through branding, merchandising & promotions
    Display stands allowing compact all-in-one merchandising & storage
For the best Drain Cleaning Tools, Machinery & Kits, think SABRICON

Drain Cleaning Tools

Best Quality

Sabricon's tools are user friendly and designed to clean any kind of drain/sewer blockage.

Drain Cleaning Kits

Best Value

Sabricon offers drain cleaning kits for all your needs. Our kits are designed to unblock pipes ranging from domestic, industrial to municpal pipes.


Best Design

Sabricon manufactures top of the range machinery, from Power Rodders to CCTV Drain Inspection Equipment, and Sewer Trailers.

Display Stands

Best Marketing

Our stands allow for display and storage of our kits and accessories, as well as easy storage for our spring steel rods, which go to 2m in length.

Will it fit?

~ Pipe sizes that our equipment works in ~

Inside the Home

40 to 50mm

Waste Pipe Drain Cleaning

Waste pipes are the pipes inside your home that lead to the outside. These pipes are connected to your sinks, toilets, baths and showers and allow waste water to leave your home.

Outside the Home

75 to 100mm

Domestic Sewer Drain Cleaning

Domestic pipes are on the outside of your home. These pipes are connected to the waste pipes which are inside your home on one end, to the manholes and municipal sewer pipeline on the other end.


150 to 300mm

Industrial Sewer Drain Cleaning

Industrial drain pipes are the larger sized pipe lines that run along under streets, in factories and in large complexes. They are usually found underground and are reached through manholes or by digging.

Sewer Mains

300 to 400mm

Sewer Main or Municipal Pipes

The Sewer Main or Municipal Pipes are the pipelines that lead from the underground industrial pipelines, and carry the waste water to the major municipal sewer outlets and effluent plants.

Know Your Tools with Sabricon!

Sabricon offers training tailored for customers, store staff and sales representatives. Along with this, all our kits have a free training CD on how to use our draining cleaning equipment, inside. Contact our marketing Department to book your training session!